Trainee doctors returned to work on Tuesday morning, but medical students who protested the planned health reforms by refusing to sign up for their medical license exams have now missed the deadline to apply.
Out of the 3,172 test takers, only 14 percent have signed up for the 2021 Korean Medical License Examination.
This means some 27 hundred students will be unable to sit their test.
Yet, officials are adamant that the medical exam goes ahead as planned.

“The exam will take place as scheduled. We have no plans to re-extend the deadline nor accept additional applications.”

There is concern that this would leave a shortage of licensed young doctors across the country.
Interns and residents at general hospitals… warned that if the government does not come up with a solution within two weeks… they will head for another strike.
The Korean Medical Association also supported that decision, saying that they will void their earlier agreement with the government and ruling party … if there are no plans for medical students.
Min Suk-hyen, Arirang News.

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