President Moon Jae-in has also called on the Korean people to actively participate in the current social distancing measures to avoid going into a virtual lockdown as South Korea faces the biggest crisis since the beginning of the outbreak.
Speaking to his top aides earlier this afternoon, he said if the spread of new cases cannot be slowed, he will have no choice but to raise social distancing to the toughest stage three.

Going to social distancing level three is not an easy option. We will have to endure paralysis in our daily lives, job losses and severe repercussions for the economy. It could also lead to the collapse of the medical system. I ask everyone to work together so that the situation does not take a turn for the worst.

The president also said the government will not tolerate any move to hamper quarantine efforts or spread fake news, which he called anti-social crime that threatens the community.
The Blue House has also been stepping up its own quarantine efforts, holding Monday’s meeting with participants spaced out and having plexiglass shields between them.

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