The Investment Center – Review 2021 Can this broker take good care of your trading needs? (

In the post-pandemic world, the process of digitization has accelerated. No matter where you go, you’ll always find an option that lets you get that work done while at home. We all have to agree that this has made our life super easy.  

It would be wrong to say that the idea of digitalization seemed impossible only years back and now we’ve reached the heights so a decline is waiting. Technology’s intrusion into our lives does not seem stoppable. This is primarily because of our attitude as humans towards welcoming it. I know giving up on it is another deal but trust me, with great ease, came great pain. 

Now that we’ve become so accustomed to its use, there’s no way we can give up on it. So what to do? How to save ourselves from the growing threats. Well, the answer is one-worded. Cautious! Yes, we need to watch out and critically analyze where a certain adoption might lead us. A thorough risk assessment is a mandatory job in all areas. The ones of us who are great at it can be regarded as successful. Being a newbie, you don’t know the trick and gimmicks hence your following into traps is understood. But this does not mean you all shouldn’t work to avoid it.

The Investment Center – Review 2021 Can this broker take good care of your trading needs? (

Here I feel the need to introduce myself. I am a trader who has been through all the tough trading times and the lessons struggle taught me have made me a well-established trader. After 10  years of striving, I have reached a point where I can see what young traders lack to get to the point I have. I myself have been through what most of you are currently. The constant urge to help you all out has forced me here. 

I was talking about the internet and its influence on finance at the start. When I first stepped in, digitalization in something as complex as trading seemed a deal. We knew how a small deal is impacting the world’s finance and putting all such important stuff on the computer that might go off anytime seemed like a huge no. But as time went by, we saw the industry evolve. We reached a point where having a computer, phone and internet connection became imperative. A product of this time is forex firms.  When you’re a forex trader, you know that now the time is gone when we used to go to the stock exchange and spend hours and hours in the hope to buy or sell a stock at the right time. Now everything in the era of automation everything is on your phone’s screen. I felt the need to sign up for a forex firm very early. But it took me a whole lot of time to reach the right firm. On my way, I had the misfortune of working with a few firms and each one of them happened to be more disappointing than the last one.

Well, I don’t entirely regret the process because I learned stuff people don’t otherwise. I wish to tell you all that so you get it without having to suffer. By the end of this article, you’ll see what I call a reliable forex firm. You will have an open option to go for mine or pick a similar one for yourself. Let’s have a look at one of my favourite picks, The Investment Center.

Optimal Trading Environment

Only an established trader can tell what hefty of a term this is. An optimal trading environment. This isn’t a 3-word phrase, in fact, this is what people spend their entire lives looking for. I was fortunate enough to find it in 6-7 years. Well, this isn’t as easily available on the internet as typing forex firms and hitting google search. There’s a lot more to a reliable firm that you would want to look into before signing up. 

The first thing that you want to see is if the firm under consideration is worth it or not. This you can only decide if you have got a good priority list written down. My first point was security and reliability. If you get these two things together in a firm, you’re halfway done. But now the question remains, how do I check that? Well, the answer is simple, you need to ask around and search yourself. 

I always thought it would be great to look into the website. I clicked it open and the first thing that I wanted to see was the legal positions, policies and stances of the company. I know that if going through these makes you a little soft towards the company then that company might be the one. This is because of the trust relationship that you can quickly build with your firm after visiting these. The Legal documents section at the bottom had the following documents uploaded. 

  • Withdrawal, Refund Cancellation, Policy
  • Risk Disclosure statement
  • Privacy Policy
  • Bonus Policy
  • Terms and Conditions
  • Anti Money Laundering Policy

The degree of transparency that I saw in all of these drafted documents was a go-ahead for me. I knew from this section that they really care about their clients. 

Customer Support

This point takes me to a whole department that has been set in a great manner only to satisfy the needs of customers. All these years, being a slow learner, I have been bumping into problems and the first person that I have been calling all these years is their representative. I just love how they are always welcoming no matter how trivial your problem looks. The way they help you out of it is highly professional.

To ensure that no one is ever neglected, they have introduced multiple options to get in contact with trained individuals. These options are call, phone, email, form submission and my all-time favourite the Live Chat. I have found all of these more or less equally responsive and efficient. The form submission method is also very user friendly. All you need to do is add your name, email, message, select a category and submit your problem. The chat and call options are great otherwise expect that they are only offered for given time slots on given days only. The call or phone option can only be used if you’re a resident of Australia, UK and Canada otherwise there’s no international number available from users all around the globe. 

The Education Center

When you’re a trader, you know that you have never learnt enough and hence the process of learning goes on and on until you retire. The Investment Center is fully aware of the need and hence they have introduced a beautifully put forth education page for its users. This page offers a wide range of books for both young and experienced traders. The small synopsis at the bottom of the book title helps you quickly get an idea of what the book talks about so that you can decide if you need to read it or not. The advanced technical analysis e-book was the best one for me. The great part is that you can access all of those without having to sign up or pay. 

The remaining subsections; Glossary, Asset Index and FAQ are also well designed and alphabetically arranged to save time. Had it not been for this strategy, I would’ve been fumbling here and there in search of options. 

User Friendly

This takes me to another point. The website is very user friendly. In fact, I would like to call it self explanatory. Everything is right placed and clear. You need not be very keen to find the needed option. Graphics, colours, font styles, font colours, backdrop everything is designed keeping in mind that all sorts of traders have to use it. Although I never faced any significant problems with it, it would be better if a dark background was used because this one doesn’t look as professional as it could. Keeping this view in mind, I wish there was a customized theme option where you could pick colours, fonts, themes, and everything that can possibly bother the user. Well, without these options the website doesn’t work badly for me. 

Ease of Access and Operation

I feel the need to thank the designers for keeping the logo at the top on all pages because only a click on it takes me back to the webpage. Had it not been there, I would’ve kept refreshing the page. Also, the fact that it can be operated both from phone and laptop anytime, anywhere makes it an even better option. You don’t have to carry your laptop with you to places. 

The Final Word

The Investment Center is the first firm which has served my trading needs the right way. They are fairly correct when they claim that they provide a secure working environment, advanced customization, best execution and highly innovative tools. The platform has not only aided me with what I was working with before, in fact, it has also helped expand my portfolio and grow as a trader. You can try considering The Investment Center as your long term trade partner. 

Disclaimer: This review is written from my own experience and my self-knowledge only and this is not a recommendation

Baron Shaw

By Baron Shaw

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