RosewoodTrust Review 2021- Is this award-winning broker worth your investments? (

In today’s world, with so many options are readily available for online trading and every other trading platform is competing to have the best features they could provide to their customers. The battle of keeping loyal client while attracting new ones is somewhat troublesome for all kinds of brokers.

The factor of steady quality is one of the central highlights offered by trading platforms. Since, there are an enormous number of these trading platforms accessible today, it is very hard to settle on a decision and choose one. In my opinion, a trader should outline a list of features to choose one platform that caters to all of their requirements. Each trader today hopes to pick a trading platform that can permit them smooth methods of trading.

RosewoodTrust Review 2021- Is this award-winning broker worth your investments? (

With the advancement of technology, day by day the risk of coming across a scam or two has increased in the trading world. This is the reason I chose to compose a review on the trading platform I use currently. RosewoodTrust has been my go-to option for two years now. I was suggested this trading platform by my relative and I am very happy with its services and highlights. From its education center to trading charts and tools and variety of assets, all were up to mark in my opinion. This review might help those who are unaware of what a broker should be in order to have successful trading.

Regardless of whether someone is a newcomer or a specialist broker, my review will help feature the crucial highlights offered by this trading platform.

Trading Platform:

I was intrigued by their point of view regarding the outlook of the platform when I first visited their website. The first thing I noticed was that they referred to CFDs on their website. Cryptocurrencies, Indices, Stocks, Forex, and Commodities are all available. With other platforms, I had to dig deep into their pages to find out what tools are available to their customers, while with RosewoodTrust, I could find out right away on their main page, which was a useful feature for me.

I have often begun by doing extensive research into what a platform is advertising. As a result, once I’ve entrusted my funds to that broker, I won’t have to deal with any issues. Like getting some answers concerning how poor their client services are and if there are some tools or features missing that might help me in my trading with the broker. I committed such errors towards the start of my journey on the platforms, previously. So, I was very much aware of what things I needed to review before I started my ventures with RosewoodTrust.

When I started exploring this platform the one thing that put me off a little was the background theme of the platform. It was dark and felt very heavy to the eye. Also, I felt that it affected my observations and my analysis of the charts as I couldn’t concentrate on the lines properly.

Features and tools:

What made me even more excited to start my trading journey with RosewoodTrust, was their claim of being an award-winner platform, which they have mentioned on their website. RosewoodTrust provides an excellent training environment that focuses on beginners. The online courses are designed for new traders to focus on education that is tailored to their needs.

This broker takes care of all of its clients, whether they are novices or experts. RosewoodTrust’s nature has earned the loyalty of its clients, and it has been approached by many, making it an award-winning site, which I believe is appropriate and well-deserved for this platform. Although, the services are not offered to the U.S., Cuba, the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (North Korea, Iran, Iran, Syria). While the remainder of the nations can appreciate all that RosewoodTrust has to bring to the table.

RosewoodTrust customers benefit from a variety of services, including financial planning, risk management, online seminars, promotions, $5000 in bonus, extra assets, dedicated account supervisors, and surprisingly focused on withdrawals. RosewoodTrust has a lot to give to its clients and it further aims towards creating the right environment for trading. It’s one of the many reasons I’ve been a loyal customer for so long.

This platform has a variety of e-books that can be a great source of knowledge for the new traders. I have used this section of the website the most. As a new beginner, I felt these e-books helped me a lot throughout my journey in trading. However, after reading all the e-books and implementing the strategies in my trading ventures. I felt like they lack behind in providing more e-books to their advanced users. They can simply add some more e-books and their clients will appreciate it more than ever.

Customer Service:

I was dazzled by what the platform had to offer, so I decided to open an account. During the process of creating the account in their system, I felt like I didn’t have to deal with many problems, and it was straightforward and less time-consuming. There were just a few steps I needed to take to become a member of their platform. Also, they have made a live chat option available for all customers, Monday to Friday, 06:00-13:00 GMT, which connects me to one of their representatives, who can assist me with any question or issue. Other than the live chat option, they also have Email and phone services. The phone service, however, is only for the residents of Australia and the UK.

I found their FAQ to be very helpful as well. A large number of questions and problems were referenced in it at the time, along with their responses. Funding, Open Account, Platform, Support, and Trading were some of the main headings in the FAQ, and each heading had an average of at least 5 inquiries answered as of now, which made it easier for me to figure out where my query fit in. This is also a fantastic path for newcomers to peruse these FAQ and their responses to gain a better understanding of how this whole system works. Later on, if they run into any problems, they will know exactly how to solve them without wasting time in searching for help.

Account Types:

Any platform that provides a variety of account types deserves to be recognized for its efforts. RosewoodTrust provides a variety of account types, each with different least deposits. The platform’s various account forms are designed to ensure that a wide variety of traders can find a suitable spot on the platform. My current account membership is ‘Retirement,’ with a $20,000 base surplus requirement. The following account forms have the least amount of deposits:

• Savings – Min. deposit of $250
• Passive Income – Min. deposit of $5000
• Retirement – Min. deposit of $20,000
• Wealth Builder – Min. deposit of $100,000

My account category also includes a dedicated account administrator who assists me in developing trading strategies and informs me about market highs and lows. It’s incredibly convenient because I don’t have to go out of my way to research the market. I’m currently able to do the trading for my next pay with the help of my account supervisor.

One thing I noticed was that this platform does provide payments through VISA, maestro, MasterCard, and bank wire. However, they do not have the option for PayPal but as compared to other alternatives, this is a minor issue in their payment method.


One of the most important considerations in a web-based trading platform is security. I have always been cautious about contributing a large sum of money and relying on the forum to protect my reputation. I was aware of the importance of these considerations, which is why I skipped straight to the security details near the bottom of the page to ensure that I was familiar with all of the platform’s security protocols. When I first saw the list of agreements that the platform operates on, I was fascinated and immediately wanted to become a member of this platform.

They have all of the authoritative accounts available for any user to examine on their websites. Know Your Customer (KYC) plan, Anti-Money Laundering Policy (AML), Privacy Policy, Terms and Conditions, Bonus Policy, Risk Disclosure Statement, and finally Withdrawal, Refund, and Cancellation Policy are all included in this.

It is appropriate for me to state that these methods are generally acceptable for ensuring the customer’s finds and personality. Anyone can look into these arrangements and become acquainted with what the site has to offer.

Final thoughts:

I’m very pleased with all of the highlights and services since I’ve never had a serious problem with this platform so far. RosewoodTrust has figured out how to provide top-moving stocks, forex, cryptocurrency, indices (albeit in limited numbers), and commodities.

When I first joined RosewoodTrust, they made sure that their customer service was always friendly and that the platform’s design was easy to get used to. My account director, education center, and weekly online classes have helped me to become a successful broker.

Disclaimer: This review is written from my own experience and my self-knowledge only and this is not a recommendation.

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