To boost trust and participation among younger people, the government held a Q&A session, to clear safety concerns surrounding the COVID-19 vaccines that they will be getting.
That includes the rare heart inflammation and anaphylaxis associated with Moderna and Pfizer vaccines.
Lee Kyung-eun explains further.
As younger people are set to get their COVID-19 vaccines in the third quarter, their attention is focused on whether the benefits outweigh the risks.
That’s because those aged18 to 59 are the least vulnerable to developing severe symptoms when infected with the virus.
Most of them will be getting either the Moderna or Pfizer vaccines.
But young people are found to be more likely to develop side-effects from mRNA vaccines such as those.

Heart inflammation is one of their concerns.
Data from the U.S. shows,.. that this is particularly prevalent among young males.
That prompted the FDA to add a warning about rare heart inflammation to Pfizer and Moderna vaccines.
But, the chances of heart inflammation is about four in one million which health authorities say is important to note.

“That’s a very rare chance,especially when compared with the rate of heart inflammation that occurs naturally — which is 1 in every it’s not at a level which is worrisome.”

Authorities also said that,.. most of the cases are moderate and are curable.
This is why vaccination offers more benefits than risks even for high school seniors,who are preparing for the national college entrance exam in November.
They may be risking a tiny chance of heart inflammation but if infected their years-long preparation could go to waste.

“College applications will get into full swing in the latter half of the year. Vaccinations can help students stay protected and carry out their plans, which could be put on hold due to infection or self-quarantine.”

A rare anaphylaxis is another concern, as more cases have been reported from those who got mRNA vaccines.
But authorities say,.. that this also occurs very rarely,and in reality,no vaccine is safe from anaphylaxis.
The authorities conclude that benefits outweigh the risks and stress.
And those benefits are not just protection but a chance to return to normalcy.
Lee Kyung-eun, Arirang News.


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