South Korea is picking up pace in the vaccination race by inoculating more people, and stepping towards vaccinating over 13 million people in the first half of the year.
More vaccines are being given today, and we have our Jang Tae-hyun on the line with the latest.
Tae-hyun, which groups can get the vaccine today?

Good morning.
Starting Monday, people aged 60 to 64 will be able to get the AstraZeneca vaccine at medical facilities nationwide.
395-thousand are eligible to get the shot, and about 78 percent of those have signed up for a spot.
Health authorities are urging people over the age of 60 to get the shot, as they can get severely ill when infected with the coronavirus, and vaccination can lower the risk of fatality.
According to research on those who received the AstraZeneca vaccine in the country, getting one shot is 90 percent effective against getting the virus and has a 100 percent prevention rate against COVID-19 fatality.
And starting Monday, 350-thousand military troops under 30 will receive the Pfizer vaccine.
Military personnel over the age of 30 received the AstraZeneca vaccine last month.
Vaccinated people will get a ‘badge’ to signify that they’ve had their jabs, with even an ‘inoculation sticker’ added to their personal ID.
Meanwhile, first and second grade teachers at elementary schools, and workers at kindergartens and daycare centers, can reserve the Pfizer vaccine starting Monday if they’re under the age of 30.
Those eligible can make bookings until the start of vaccinations in mid-June.
As of Monday, the country has vaccinated over seven.five million people, 14.eight percent of the nation’s population.

Alright. And Tae-hyun, brief us about the COVID-19 situation today.

Sure. South Korea recorded 485 cases on Monday.
Of the new cases, 454 were local and 31 were from overseas.
The health authorities remain on alert over the spread of more transmissible variants, and sporadic infections that continue to sprout nationwide at workplaces, restaurants and bars.
That’s all I have for now, back to you.


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