One year and a half into the Covid-19 Pandemic, the world’s fight against the invisible enemy still continues.
Thousands of daily new infections are being reported in numerous countries, with India adding over 100-thousand new cases each day.
With the virus still ravaging many parts of the world, more medical staff and other frontline heroes are making bigger, and quite often their ‘ultimate’ sacrifices to save more lives.
To tell us more about the ongoing struggle on the frontline, we have Howard Catton, CEO of International Council of Nurses joining us live from Geneva.
Welcome to the program.

The WHO says at least 115-thousand health workers have now died from Covid-19, ringing an alarm about the continuing sacrifices made by frontline workers we sometimes forget.
As the head of the International Council of Nurses, how do you see the grim milestone?

We’re already a year and a half into the coronavirus pandemic, and during that time we have learned a lot more about the virus, necessary treatments, and have also developed a vaccine.
Now, what about the necessary protection measures for the medical staff?
What’s being done to lessen the rising number of deaths among frontline healthcare workers?

Immense and unbearable stress, on top of unfavorable working conditions, are driving nurses across the world to turn to other professions, and there’s rising awareness in that front.
Although circumstances will vary by countries, what kind of progress has been made in general to improve the working conditions for medical staff around the world?

India is now suffering its worst covid crisis, posting the highest number of daily new infections in the world.
Many have addressed the country’s shortage of medical staff and infrastructure.
Can you tell us about how nursing communities are lending a helping hand.

In contrast, some countries like Israel, the U.S. and South Korea, have eased quarantine restrictions for the vaccinated people and such trend is expected to continue.
How is the ICN taking this? Are you concerned?

Howard Catton, CEO of the ICN live from Geneva for us. Thank you for sharing your perspectives with us.


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