President Moon Jae-in aims for health authorities to inoculate 70 percent of the population with their first dose of the COVID-19 vaccine by the end of the third quarter.
Chairing a meeting on the government’s COVID-19 response on Monday, Moon said that COVID-19 vaccine inoculation is speeding up and that herd immunity can be achieved ahead of schedule.

“Our government’s goal is to allow the public to spend the coming summer vacation more comfortably, to meet with families this Chuseok, and to converse between families without masks on.”

The government announced that it will try to prevent large concentrations of people during the summer vacation by advising businesses with more than 100 employees to allow summer vacations to be spent between the third week of June and the third week of September.
They will also suggest the public 100 travel spots that are not well known in an effort to avoid high concentrations of people.
Starting from early July, people in their fifties, school teachers and high school seniors will be able to get their vaccines.
Moon promised to secure vaccine sovereignty for South Korea by purchasing vaccines that have a high chance of reaching phase three of clinical trials in the third quarter and by supporting the development of domestic vaccines.
The government announced that it will also increase the budget to be used for vaccine research and development.
The government also pledged to augment the inoculation capacity by operating a total of 282 inoculation centers nationwide and starting inoculation of Pfizer’s vaccine starting from the third quarter.
It will strengthen its inspection of inoculation centers to ensure the safety of Pfizer’s vaccines.
Reiterating that the South Korea-U.S. global vaccine partnership will be promoted rapidly, the President said that South Korea as a country that produces four types of COVID-19 vaccines will play the role of a vaccine supply hub.
Hong Yoo, Arirang News.


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