Severely ill patients who show adverse reactions after getting a COVID-19 vaccine, but can’t get compensated due to the lack of causal link can now get support for their medical bills.
South Korea’s COVID-19 Vaccination Management Task Force announced on Monday that they’ll be temporarily helping out patients from Monday next week.

“The amount of the support will be up to 10 million won, or roughly nine-thousand U.S. dollars per person, and covers medical expenses for diseases that occurred following the COVID-19 vaccination. This support project will be implemented from May 17th, after a preparation period such as training local government officials. The support will also be applied retroactively to those who were vaccinated before the project’s implementation.”

People who have received the shot, or their guardian, can visit the community health center to apply for the support.
But if there is another reason for the adverse reaction, then they can’t get the support.
Meanwhile, South Korea on Monday began accepting COVID-19 vaccine reservations, for the next group of senior citizens those between the ages of 65 and 69.
This is the second of the three-stage reservation program, which covers people between 60 and 74, who will be getting the AstraZeneca vaccine.
The actual inoculations will take place from May 27th to mid-June.
And as the vaccination process is ongoing, the country has announced its preliminary review of Moderna’s COVID-19 vaccine, which largely backed its approval.
The Ministry of Food and Drug Safety on Sunday held its first consultative meeting with an independent advisory panel, which confirmed the vaccine provides percent protection against COVID-19, and forms strong antibodies, two weeks after the second dose.
This is the first of three review stages that the vaccine has to clear before it is approved.
Jang Tae-hyun, Arirang News.


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