South Korea, having already sourced enough COVID-19 vaccines for its entire population in theory, is working on a deal that would secure enough vaccine doses for another 20 million people.
President Moon Jae-in spoke about the deal today.

The agreement now being negotiated between Novavax and SK Bioscience raises the possibility that we will have vaccine doses for another 20 million people, on top of the 56 million already procured. The agreement is also significant in that it calls not only for production, but for technology transfers.

Moon was speaking on a visit to a factory belonging to SK, which also has a deal to produce the AstraZeneca vaccine on consignment.
The president vowed support for the country’s bio companies so they can produce vaccines locally and give South Korea vaccine sovereignty.
Moon again called for thorough preparations so that the country can achieve herd immunity by November, and he vowed to put a system in place to compensate people who experience any side effects.

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