South Korea on Thursday added 6-hundred-83 confirmed COVID-19 cases.
For the second day in a row, the daily tally is close to the 700-mark.
Over 70-percent of Thursday’s 6-hundred-46 local transmissions were from the greater Seoul area.
But outside the capital region, cluster infections continue to occur.
In the southeastern port city of Busan, six members of a dance group were found to have tested positive for the virus.
Health authorities say this current outbreak is the country’s toughest test yet.

“This current wave of infections is the biggest and the longest of the three major outbreaks. Until we beat COVID-19 with a vaccine, we’re going to have to go through many obstacles. This wave is our biggest challenge so far.”

To address the situation, the government is installing 150 temporary COVID-19 testing centers in the greater Seoul area.

“We’re going to install temporary health clinics all over the capital region so that anyone can get tested,even those without symptoms. This will start next Monday and last for three weeks.”

At these new testing centers, people can also get tested anonymously if they wish to do so.

“It’s the government’s attempt to lower the barrier to diagnostic testing, the concern is that we have too many confirmed cases right now whose transmission route is not ascertained Anonymity definitely lowers the barrier to the diagnostic testing”

More than 20-percent of the confirmed cases reported no prior contact with other COVID-19 patients.
With the latest measures, the government hopes to find the so-called “silent spreaders”, while also protecting their privacy.
Kim Yeon-seung, Arirang News

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