South Korea on Thursday reported 6-hundred-82 new cases of COVID-19.
It marks the second day in a row that the number has been close to 7-hundred.
Of the new cases Thursday, 6-hundred-46 were locally transmitted, with 489 from Seoul, Incheon and Gyeonggi-do Province.
These include cluster infections at restaurants, bars, singing classes, marketplaces, as well as medical institutions and nursing homes.
Only 36 were cases from overseas.
South Korea’s total caseload, including patients who have recovered, is now more than 40-thousand.
In light of the alarming situation in the capital, the South Korean government on Wednesday said it’ll set up some 1-hundred-50 temporary testing facilities in Seoul and its surrounding areas to step up testing for the next three weeks.
To encourage people to drop by, authorities say visitors can get tested anonymously.
The only requirement is giving their cell phone number.
Concerns are also rising over the uptick in the number of very sick patients, and the number of deaths.
The critically ill have increased by 23 to 1-hundred-72, and eight additional deaths were reported on Thursday, bringing the national death toll to 5-hundred-64.
This comes despite stronger social distancing measures that took effect on Tuesday.
Level two.five the second highest measures for the capital area. and level 2 for other regions.
If the uptrend continues, experts warn new cases could hit a thousand a day in the coming weeks, or even days.
In such a case, the government would consider raising social distancing measures to the highest possible tier: level 3.
Kim Jae-hee, Arirang News.

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