South Korea saw 3-hundred-49 new COVID-19 cases on Tuesday.
And of the 3-hundred-20 locally-transmitted cases, more than 2-hundred came from Seoul and its surrounding areas.
This comes as the heightened, level two social distancing measures took effect in the greater capital area on Tuesdaythe third-highest in the nation’s five-tier scheme.

“Level Two social distancing measures will be in place in the greater Seoul area for the next two weeks, and Level 1.5 for the Jeolla-do provinces our headquarters will do its best to make sure these measures are abided by.”

Starting Tuesday, five-types of nightlife venues like bars and clubs were closed.
Singing rooms, gyms, and other indoor sports facilities are to close at 9 PM.
Restaurants are able to let customers dine in until 9, but can only offer take-out or delivery afterwards.
While cafes can only offer take-out and delivery services regardless of the time of day.
Wedding and funeral venues are limited to 1-hundred people, and religious facilities are only allowed to hold 20 percent of capacity.
As for theaters and concert halls, audience members are to be seated apart from one another, and eating is not allowed.
If the rules are broken,even just once venues can receive a fine of up to 3 million Korean won, or around 2-thousand 7-hundred U.S. dollars.

“As a citizen, I should abide by the government’s measures. We can handle some discomfort for a while.”

Also after 10 PM, public transport will be running at 80 percent of its normal frequency, to minimize gatherings and encourage people to stay home.
Bae Eun-ji, Arirang News.

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